Are there any hidden fees?

In a word, NO. When we give you a quote for your journey that is the final price. The only time that an additional charge will be made is in the event that there are changes to the specifications that we have been given or if passengers have caused damage to the vehicle. Otherwise, what we quote is what you’ll pay!

What happens if my plane is early or late arriving?

Buddon Private Hire staff update all flight arrival times and we arrive when your plane lands, no matter whether you arrive late or early, provided we have a correct flight number we’ll be there.

How much time do I have to meet the Driver on my airport Transfer Reservation?

We provide for 1 Hour of inclusive wait time on each Airport Transfer for you to deplane and pickup your luggage. If you do not meet your Driver or call us within 1 Hour of your plane landing we will consider that you haven’t arrived on the flight and you will be charged in full for the reservation.
In the event that your plans change, or you miss your flight or you experience an unexpected delay with baggage or customs, then call us as soon as possible. A change of details, even a short time before pickup, can enable your vehicle to be re-routed and may not result in any charge to you.

How do I find my driver once I arrive at the airport?

Your uniformed driver will be holding a sign containing your name or your company’s name if that is how you prefer to be met. The meet and greet service we provide is a great way to be welcomed at an airport.

We can provide you with a cell-phone contact number for you to advise your driver when you have cleared baggage collection and Customs, for you to have your car swing by and collect you from the terminal building. This makes for the most efficient airport collection and saves you the delay caused by car parking and payment stations.
If you still cannot make contact with your driver for any reason, then call us. We’ll help guide the two of you together whilst you are on the phone.

What if I have a lot of luggage?

It’s not a problem we will send a larger vehicle to meet you. It is important that you tell us about large amounts of luggage, as we need to calculate passenger numbers and the luggage space to ensure both comfort and safety. Some of our vehicles can be equipped with a roof box or a trailer to ease the burden.

How far in advance should I place my reservation?

Availability changes daily and we suggest you place your reservation as soon as you have the firm dates and times for your proposed event or travel.

What is the cancellation policy?

As stated in the terms and conditions. The cancellation time is up to 6 hours prior to the scheduled pickup. After this, including late bookings, it will be considered a late-cancellation as administration and scheduling will have taken place and alternative bookings may have been refused.

Is it possible to place, change, or cancel a reservation with my Driver?

Buddon Executive Private Hire requires that all changes, confirmations, and cancellations be called into our administration office at 01509 621 621. This includes providing the driver with your return flight information. Our drivers are most cooperative and helpful people and will endeavour to ensure that you are not inconvenienced in any way at all. However, you should remember that they may have other responsibilities following your own journey and that can cause them to overlook to register the information that you have given them with our office. For peace of mind, we suggest that you ensure any revisions to your planned journey are given directly to our office.

More questions?

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We will gladly answer any questions. We want you to be comfortable doing business with us and we will be happy to address any points that you may have.


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